In Every Heaven(Get Over by my Side)



Now, we come to an extra added bonus. Another track was added to

the DVD-A. In Every Heaven, a vocal version of what was the instrumental

track, Soundtrack to Every Heaven, which was the B-side to Someone, Somewhere,

in Summertime.


Here is the background from dreamgiver,


In Every Heaven was the “lost” track from the New Gold Dream sessions, a complicated, jerky melody inspired by a complex rhythm devised byMike Ogletree. It was first recorded in May 1982 during the bulk of early New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) recordings.

The full length version was mastered in August of that year, with an edited version prepared for the album, and the backing track copied for a potential single release. A version with rough guide vocals was also recorded.

In the end it wasn’t included on the album and only the backing track, now called Soundtrack For Every Heaven, was included as a bonus on the 12″ of Someone Somewhere (In Summertime).

The song was then forgotten until unwittingly resurrected by Mick MacNeil as The Alpine Accordion on his People, Places, Things album of 2000. When told that it was a cover of Soundtrack For Every Heaven he was surprised to learn that it had been released, remembering it as one of Mike’sideas that they’d tried out for New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) but never finished.

The song was rediscovered after a skim through the vaults and pencilled in for Silver Box in 2004. However it was quietly dropped and it was left to Charlie Burchill and Ronald Prent to piece together the whole song from the original multitracks whilst working on the DVD-Audio of New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)In Every Heaven was finally quietly released on this format in 2005, a reworked and remixed version of the original full length recording.

It could’ve been left in obscurity again but was picked up by Jim in his Lostboy! guise and played on both the Lostboy! AKA Electroset Radio Tourand Lostboy! AKA Electroset Tours of 2010. Inspired by its atmosphere, it was recorded by Simple Minds in 2010 as an eight minute epic for the much delayed Greatest Hits + package.

Finally, the original edited mix intended for the LP, and recorded in 1982, was finally released as a bonus track on the X5 Box Set.

I went out for a rainy walk around the parklands in Glasgow. An experience brightened up by listening to the sunny, eight minute long version, of In Every Heaven. Recently rerecorded by the Minds – last time was in ’82 – it has an atmosphere that makes the track float along beautifully. Just as it should really, considering the title!” – Jim, 3rd October


I made an extended version of it, when it first came out using the

vocals and the instrumental.


Here it is, in a slightly rougher version, and a shorter edit.

enjoy : In Every Heaven (Get Over by my Side) 6min:42sec

and Soundtrack for Every Heaven(Get over by my Side Edit) 4min:55sec


10b simple minds – in every heaven(get over by my side mix).mp3


10c simple minds – soundtrack for every heaven(get over by my side edit).mp3


This concludes the new gold dream album. I do have a few extra mixes

left over. One more mix of glittering prize, and one of in every heaven

that I might repost later on.


We will move onto the ‘Sparkle in the Rain Demos’ next.

King is White and in the Crowd(Fire them up)


Finally, the last regular album track, and what a finale to it.


This is a very deep, introspective song. Here is some background on it.

From the song page at dreamgiver:


The lyrics were inspired by a TV broadcast of the assassination of Sadat: “There was a thing of beauty in that tragedy. It was a coincidence that it concerned Sadat, it didn’t make any difference. I saw it on TV: Sadat was inspecting a parade, some soldiers walk past and suddenly they shoot him like an animal. And the next thing you saw was a close-up of his wife.” – Jim.


“We talked about Martin Fry and ABC and debated the value of writing such traditionalist love songs. Kerr explained how the line in King Is White – ‘she puts on the film of him’ – had been inspired by a film on TV showing her husband’s assassination on TV. “There’s more to life than another broken heart,” says Kerr” – Adam Sweeting.


As well as the shining heart of Simple Minds, I think there’s also a bit of a dark heart as well. When that tune came up, there was something compelling about it, something Eastern about it. And at the time, perhaps it was the time we were starting to take notice of the world around us – I’d always been interested in the idea of the outsider. And you can’t get more of the outsider than the assassin. And there was something about the assassin that was intreguing me. At the time there’d been this assassination of President Sadat of Eygpt. And it had all been in the news as we were working on these tracks – it was a loop we were working on, and out of that came this big wailing song.” – Jim, Sunday Herald interview, 2008.



I’ve always liked the deep dark keyboard sound of this,

and the lyrics are quite provocative too. It’s not easy

making a political song.


jim does a lot of cool things with his vocals,

so here we’ll strip down some of them, and

also the instruments to make a sparse version of it.

you’ll also hear some chatter and engineer talk! 

check out : king is white and in the crowd(fire them up) 8min:17sec



well, i hope you enjoyed this look back at the album,

it was very interesting for me.


there is one more bonus track on the dvd-a, called

‘in every heaven’, we’ll look it more closely next time

before moving onto ‘sparkle in the rain’ demos.

and those will be actual demos, mixed along with

several of the album tracks.

Hunter and the Hunted(Kyoto in the Snow)


As we approach the last 2 songs on the official album. (3 if you include

the extra track ‘in every heaven’). We come to another cool song.

This one has a special guest, herbie hancock,  doing a keyboard

solo on it.

  • Herbie Hancock was recording in the studio next door. Grabbing the opportunity, the band asked if he’d like to play a solo on the album. Hence his synth solo during Hunter And The Hunted.

For more stories about the album, check this:

A very interesting song, with lots of complex parts,

and back and forth between the keyboard parts,

and the guitar drum parts.


We’ve taken a rather radical approach to this song,

in breaking it down. There’s a long intro with just

the percussion, and then builds up to the drum.

The keyboard parts are quite different, but you

hear strains of the original in them. Then the

sparse vocals and bass over most of the song.

Then a long instrumental break at the end.

The keyboard solos are very neat also.

Check out : Hunter and the Hunted (Kyoto in the Snow) 8min:15sec



Up next, King is White and in the Crowd


Glittering Prize(Always on a Clear Day)


The second single from the album had a very plain remix,

and an instrumental. One of the german releases had

the 12″ mix of new gold dreams on it. 


For more releases check here:


Glittering prize is another dreamy, catchy song, that has 

long been a fan favorite, and is still played even now by them.

It’s got a great chorus, and the lyrics are amazing.


Of course, it’s always been an  obvious thing to mix

the instrumental with the remix, which i did a long

time ago to make a 8 minute long mix.


for this, we take entirely new sections,

breaking down the vocals, the drums, and

the various keyboard sections to create,

this alternate version,

glittering prize(always on a clear day) 8min:01 sec



so check it out, and see what you think..


next up, hunter and the hunted.

New Gold Dream (Beat Goes Crashing)



And now we arrive at the title track of the album. It was actually a single in Italy, released as a 12inch and a 7inch. They put ‘somebody up there likes you on the b-side’.


Utah saints did a cool remix/cover in 1992:

This is one of the coolest songs ever, and it even got an actual remix, called

the German 12″ mix. It was actually on the cd in Germany replacing the album track.

Here in America we got an editted version of the UK track.

Another amazing song by them,  clear keyboards, haunting

melodies, beautiful rhythms and lyrics, highlight the perfection that is

found in the earlier works of simple minds….

oh, by the way, there was an original
10 minute version of new gold dream..

simple minds
by adam sweeting
sidgwick and jackson
(c) 1988
chapter 12
[pg 108]

in ‘new gold dream’, ogletree and gaynor had recorded
two drum parts simultaneously at four o’clock one morning
shovelling out a massive backbeat that produced enourmous power. ‘we nailed ‘new gold dream’ right away,’ burchill said. ‘derek was playing this really fast pumping bass and it meant nothing, and just before that i’d been doing this guitar riff thing together and jim went off his nut, he went ‘yeees! f*cking brilliant!’ then we just went for it right away.’ any resemblance to the velvet undergrounds’ ‘what goes on’ may not be entirely coincidental. the track had originally run for ten minutes or more, but walsh edited out the less inspired sections so that the finished take jumped from peak to peak.

 here, i make an attempt at creating a version like that,,

with all kinds of instrumental breaks, and new sections

of bass, guitars, and keyboards.

check it out, a nice long version New gold dream(beat goes crashing) 9min25sec :



and we continue on with the 2nd side of the album.

Somebody Up There(Likes You)



Most simple minds albums had an instrumental on them. Some were b-sides,

and others were just experiments.

Others went on to be huge hits on their own, like ‘theme for great cities’.


A lot of them have been remixed lately with mixed results. But its still

cool to hear them.


This is the instrumental for this album, and it comes at the end

of the first side of the album. It’s a nice mellow, but upbeat

sounding track.

There are actually several different segments that are different

in this than the album, overall it’s a repeated theme at the

beginning that evolves and changes throughout the song.

The bass is also cool to hear. 

So check it out:

Somebody up there(likes you) 7min:34sec



and we’ll start the second side of the album next.

Big Sleep(Forever More)



Now we approach the 4th and last vocal track of the first side of the album.


Big sleep, which is another classic. There is a very soothing refrain in it,

and the vocals are certaintly hypnotizing. Not sleepy at all.


This song was probably never considered as a single, and would

be played on occasion live.


I really like the guitar parts, and the drums throughout.


For this version, i stripped down the keyboards, and made

the vocals more prominent along with the bass.

There’s some interesting sounds that are almost like a grumble

or a hiss at the beginning, that sound out of place, but when

mixed in, creates a very neat effect. There’s a lot of cool

vocals, and effects done on jim’s voice throughout the song.


Check out : big sleep(forever more) 6:48



we’ll finish off the first side next time, with the instrumental

somebody up there likes you, which does have some extra

sounds in it.


‘if only you could see me’

Promised you a Miracle(Belief is a Beauty Thing)

ImageAnd now we come to the crown jewel of the album.

Promised you a miracle. This is the song that introduced to me to Simple Minds,

I first heard it on the radio here in the US, and then later a friend told me about

the album, which I went and bought, and played hundreds of times.


I never got tired of this song, even now, I still listen to it. Fortunately Simple

Minds, had a ton of releases, remixes, and singles to go with it.

Check here for more information:


Originally, there was a very tiny remix on the UK 12″ that was slightly

longer than the album version.  Fortunately for the US, there were 2 

different 12″ singles (the cover of one is above), and a second promo

only mix, that was longer 6:17 than both the us 12″, and dub mixes.


well, i could go on all day about how great this song is, and it is my

favorite song from them. but it took awhile before the US remix finally

was released on cd, when the ‘all the things she said’ cd-single, and themes

came out. the long special extended mix was also released on a canadian

80s remix compilation.


again, there were no master recordings to use for a surround mix,

so the track was basically the same as the album. i did hear a few

more effects, but they were minimal.


the remixes i made used the instrumental dub, the 12″ remix,

and the special one. i made 2 different attempts. some of the

recordings are from vinyl, so they will sound scratchy , and jumpy

at times.

1st is the belief is a beauty thing mix at 



2nd is another attempt at using just the dub and remix versions,

promised you a miracle(only love she sees) 8:01




we’ll continue with more new tracks next time.

hope you enjoy them.


Colours fly and Catherine Wheel (Beauty of the world remix)


And now we move onto the second track from the 1st side of the album.

The ethereal sounding colours fly and catherine wheel.

what is a catherine wheel? [from wikipedia]

so besides being a band, it had many definitions.

well, anyways, it’s a great second track to get into. i’ve always liked

the way that it sounded. the way all the keyboards meshed with the

drums, and bass.

unfortunately, this track and the next, promised you a miracle, both had

their master tapes lost, or they werent able to be used. so that means there

was no surround sound mix made for them. i did check out the tracks,

and there is partial new information in the surround channels, but it is

very slight and echo and reverbs. the bass channel is enhanced though.

there was a never a release for this song, as a single or otherwise. so we

can only speculate what they would have done with it.

i basically took some of the track, looped the instruments, and

re-orded the verses to extend it. also the bass is more prominent

in it now.

check it out:




someone somewhere in summertime (burning gold memories)


first up is the beginning track on the album.

one of my all time favorites, someone somewhere in summertime.

it was the third single from the album. and had a lot of interest

and releases, with posters, picture discs and more.

for more information about releases check here:

the 12″ had a nice, but plain remix, but 2 very cool b-sides, with a

studio session of king is white and in the crowd, and a brand new

instrumental called soundtrack for every heaven, a very upbeat

and interesting song they made at the same time as the album,

but did not use. instead they put somebody up there likes you

on it.

the 12 inch remix, basically added an intro, that they used when

playing live, and a long instrumental break between the second

and third chorus. the rest was identical to the album, with some

extra reverb and echoes thrown in.

for this remix, i took parts from the 12 inch mix, and then

used vocals and some instruments from the surround mix,

then blended it with the stereo album version, and back

to the surround version. it’s interesting to hear the isolated

vocal parts, and the instrumentation in the background.

the normal album mix has a lot of layers, with the drums,

keyboards and bass going on, and a ton of reverb.

you will hear a lot of reverb all over the album, it was always

a big part of the sound. jim’s voice was very different without

it, as you can hear in the intro and ending here.

new gold dream (11-12-13-14) [prototype version]

time track    name

6:50 1 someone somewhere in summertime (burning gold memories mix)

check it out here: